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Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Alabama
Corrections Division

Shelby County Corrections Division
P.O. Box 1240
Columbiana, Alabama 35051
Phone: (205) 669-3938
Fax: (205) 669-3868

General Rules of the Shelby County Jail

  1. No item or substance harmful to self or others will be allowed.
  2. No smoking or tobacco product, whatsoever, is permitted anywhere inside the jail.
  3. Any inmate involved in a criminal activity inside the jail WILL be prosecuted.
  4. Messages will not be delivered to inmates unless it is an absolute emergency.

Personal Possessions Allowed in the Shelby County Jail

  1. Wedding bands are the only jewelry allowed.
  2. Only battery powered headset radios are permitted.
  3. No more than 5 books, including a Bible, will be allowed in each cell.

Medical Needs

Unless it is an emergency, all medical and dental care is administered by the jail clinic. Our healthcare provider will refer inmates with more special needs to the appropriate healthcare facility.

Inmate Phone System

  • Inmate phones will be turned on at 8:00am and off at 10:00pm each day.
  • T-Netix currently provides the inmate phone system. Should you have any questions or problems they can be contacted at the number listed below.


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