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Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Alabama

The word "Sheriff" is of English derivation, a contraction of the words "shire" (county) and "reeve" (an agent of the king). Remember the "Sheriff of Nottingham"? He and his counterparts weren't very popular were they? They held office either because their father did, or they received what was termed "royal appointment" -- (based not on abilities, but instead by what particular favors they had done for the crown). Their remuneration depended upon how much taxes they collected -- so you can readily understand what their principal duty was and why they resorted in some cases to "less than ethical" methods of collection.

Today's Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of his county by virtue of public acclaim, in the form of election every four years by the eligible voting populace of his county.

His chief deputy is appointed by the Sheriff to help him with his duties and act as chief coordinator.

In most offices the Sheriff's personnel are unique in that all functions of the office are performed by any deputy, whether the assignment be in the corrections field, the court system, or the law enforcement division. For example, he may act as a bailiff or a jailer, transport a prisoner, serve a civil process, or patrol a road, all in the same day.

It is for this reason the Sheriff's Office operates in such a smooth manner and on such an economical scale, resulting in great benefit to the taxpayers.

Former Sheriffs
William B. Arnold 1819
Ezekiel Henry 1822
James M. Nabours 1825
Jacob D. Shelley 1828
Tamis M. Finley 1849
Hudson W. Nelson 1852
John T. McCormic 1855
Todd R. Wyatt 1856
William P. Reives 1856
John Edmondson 1856
Henry I. Sawyer 1857
C. Cunningham 1860
Richard H. Brasher 1860
James Walton 1863
James H. Duran 1865
Elliott 1865
Columbus Cunningham 1866
L.H. Drych 1868
Thomas Harrison 1869
Francis A. Nelson 1874
E.F. Vest 1884
H.W. Nelson 1892
J.L. Walthall 1900
R.F. Cox 1903
James H. Fuller 1907
J.R. Allen 1911
J.H. Fulton 1915
J.A. Jackson 1919
J.J. Falkner 1923
C.J. Falkner 1927
Knox E. Wooley 1931
Claude H. Fore 1935
W.B. White 1939
L.T. Bozeman 1943
L.T. Bozeman 1947
A.E. Norwood 1951
Hugh M. Simms 1955
C.H. Harris 1959
C.P. (Red) Walker 1959
C.P. (Red) Walker 1963
C.P. (Red) Walker 1967
C.P. (Red) Walker 1971
C.P. (Red) Walker 1975
J.F. (Buddy) Glasgow 1979
J.F. (Buddy) Glasgow 1983
J.F. (Buddy) Glasgow 1987
James L. Jones 1991
James L. Jones 1995
James L. Jones 1999
Chris Curry 2003


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