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Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Alabama
Inmate Mail

1. Incoming mail and other items may be inspected to ensure proper security compliance. All outgoing mail, with the exception of legal correspondence, will be inspected before being mailed.

2. All outgoing mail must have a complete mailing address and return address which includes the inmate’s name, resident number, and address, or it will not be accepted.

3. Inmate to inmate correspondence is prohibited.

4. For an inmate to be able to receive a package through the mail, the inmate must fill out a “Package Approval” form, which must be approved by a supervisor.

5. Envelopes, blank paper, hard plastic cards (i.e. credit cards), stickers, etc. will not be accepted. These items will either be placed in the inmate’s personal property or returned to sender.

Inmate Mailing Address is:

Inmate Name & Resident Number
C/O Shelby County Corrections Division
P.O. Box 1240
Columbiana, Alabama 35051

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