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Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Alabama
Crime Prevention
The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing a high level of safety to every citizen we serve. In order to have a better-informed citizen, we encourage community involvement in areas such as citizen observer patrol organizations, neighborhood watch program, and child safety education.

Citizen Observer Patrol (COP)
The Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) is an all-volunteer organization which is composed of citizens who, after receiving training, patrol neighborhoods and business areas in their community to help deter crime and to assist in emergencies such as auto accidents.

The COP volunteers are not armed, and they do not engage directly in law enforcement. Instead, they observe and they report appropriate, suspicious activities and problem situations to the Sheriff’s Office for investigation and action. As such, the members serve as the eyes and ears for this office.

The quality of life and the safety of our residents in these communities are enhanced as a result of the COP and the efforts of its dedicated members.

Neighborhood Watch Programs
Shelby County Deputies gladly participate in neighborhood watch programs and provide guidance and direction to the group. We discuss current happenings in the particular neighborhood and encourage each resident to become our eyes and ears.

Crime Prevention Tips
National Crime Prevention Council:

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