Drug Task Force / Compact

The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force and Compact are both commanded by Captain Joe McGee of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Though the two units have the same goals, their individual missions are vastly different.


The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force (SCDETF) officially began operations in January of 2004.  Law Enforcement leaders within Shelby County joined together to take a more proactive enforcement stance against illicit narcotics-related crimes, to include drug trafficking and organized crime.  

In the summer of 2016, Compact was formed, in part, due to the fact that there was a segment of our population in Shelby County who were being neglected, with respect to a gap between drug prevention and drug enforcement. School-age students and young adults who were struggling with a substance use disorder, but had not yet had contact with law enforcement were not being identified and offered the help they deserve.  

Compact strives to identify and reach those students and young adults who are genuinely struggling and battling with substance use, not for enforcement purposes, but for prevention purposes. Compact attempts to equip their families with resources to help address the challenges their student may be facing.  

Drug Task Force Mission Statement

We believe the essential elements of drug enforcement begin with education and prevention. Through community partnerships and the support of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force utilizes proactive and intelligence-led efforts to safeguard our community against the sale, distribution, and use of illegal narcotics.

Compact Mission Statement
To engage the full spectrum of substance misuse in Shelby County.

Drug Task Force Duties

The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional county-wide Task Force whose mission is to reduce the availability of illegal and illicit drugs within Shelby County. We accomplish this by investigating illegal narcotics activity, arresting illegal narcotics offenders and assisting with the criminal prosecution of the offenders we arrest. The Task Force is directly supported by the Shelby County Commission, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Alabaster Police Department, Pelham Police Department, and the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

Compact Duties

Compact utilizes career law enforcement officers from the District Attorney's Office, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the Alabaster Police Department, the Pelham Police Department, the Helena Police Department, the Hoover Police Department, and the City of Chelsea, who are specialized investigators, in an attempt to gather information from School Resource Officers, coaches, teachers, parents, community leaders, etc. in hopes of identifying students and young adults who are at risk of substance use or already involved. 

Compact investigators then compile actionable intelligence, not for an arrest, but to schedule a meeting with parents or guardians.  Compact investigators share information with parents and then connect them with proven resources to help address this challenge.  

Some of those resources may include:

  • Other families who have been through this challenge and willing to work with them and answer questions
  • Faith leaders from the community who have volunteered to help
  • Family counseling services
  • Specialized mental health and substance use services such as those offered by Chilton Shelby Mental Health

Most importantly, our investigators reach out to parents.

Report Tips

The Task Force welcomes information from the public regarding the sale of, possession of, manufacture of, or use of illegal narcotics. The Task Force also investigates the diversion of and illegal use of prescription medications.

Over the Phone                                                                                                              

To report narcotics-related tips and information, or to speak with a Task Force member, you may contact us at 205-670-0436. You do not have to divulge your identity and the information you provide will remain confidential. You may also report narcotics activity on this website through the Report Criminal Activity page. Select "Narcotics/Drug Activity" from the drop-down menu when reporting. You do not have to leave a phone number unless you want to be contacted.

Online Reporting  

The Task Force may be directly reached at their website. Here you will find additional information about the Task Force and many beneficial educational items related to narcotics and narcotics abuse. Their site also has a link to report drug activity.  

Compact Tip Reporting

To report tips or concerns about school-age drug use, you may do so anonymously at tips.shelbyda.com 

Free Drug Collection

The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force is happy to offer a free service to the citizens of Shelby County - anonymous prescription drug collection units. Shelby County citizens can utilize these units to safely and anonymously dispose of unwanted prescription medication.

The drug collection units were awarded to the Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force by CVS Pharmacy and the Partnership™ for Drug-Free Kids as part of CVS Pharmacy's Drug Disposal for Safer Communities Program.

View a list of drop-off locations through the Resource Directory.