How does Drug Court work?

If you decide that Drug Court is appropriate for you, after discussing it with your attorney, you will submit an application to Drug Court. If the application is accepted, you and your attorney will enter a plea agreement on one or more of the charges against you with the District Attorney’s Office. The plea agreement will include a jail or prison sentence, and the will be submitted to the Drug Court. Your sentence will not be imposed at that time, but rather will be suspended pending your completion of all Drug Court requirements. The specific requirements for graduation from Drug Court are set forth in the Drug Court Rules, which your attorney will provide to you.

If you complete Drug Court (a process that usually takes 12 to 18 months) your plea agreement will be withdrawn and all charges will be dismissed.

If you fail to complete Drug Court, you will be terminated from the program, you plea agreement will be accepted by the Court, and your jail or prison sentence will be imposed.

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